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  1. Don’t be concerned if the Abbelle team are putting you into a gown that is a size bigger than you normally wear on the high street. Prom gowns tend to run at least one size smaller.  
  2. Keep an open mind and try on lots of different styles of prom gown. You might love a dress you never thought you'd wear.
  3. Always try it on; dresses look better on you than on the hanger. 
  4. Listen to the opinions of the Abbelle Team and your mum or friends as to what styles and colours look good on you. Just because you like the dress on Instagram doesn’t mean it’s the dress for you. 
  5. Let the Abbelle Ladies help you try on the dresses. They help you zip and lace up the dresses, hang them back up and save you time shopping.
  6. the fitListen to the Abbelle Ladies ideas because they know which body type the dresses look good on. They know which styles are hot and which styles have a great fit. 
  7. Come prepared with heels and a strapless bra: don’t stress if you are asked to remove your bra… most gowns have pads and don’t require a bra.
  8. Set up a Whatsapp group so your friends know once you’ve bought your gown and know to choose another style. 
  9. First come, first served! If you snooze you lose! These are just some of the sayings we hear if you leave your prom gown shopping to the last minute.
  10. There’s no way to guarantee that you’ll be the only one at prom with your gown if you buy it from the high street, but if you buy from Abbelle; your gown and school will be added to our exclusive gown register. We won’t sell the same gown, not even in a different colour to someone at your school.
  11. Start shopping for your prom gown early. Abbelle’s busiest months are January and February when the selection of prom gowns is the largest. 
  12. Buy your gown at least a couple of months before your prom, so that you have time for alterations. 
  13. If you fall in love with a gown and it’s not in your size, Abbelle will order it in for you. However, this can take up to 16 weeks. So cut off times tend to be at the end of March.
  14. Be okay with change. Almost every prom gown will need some alterations for a perfect fit. Always buy your prom shoes before your alteration appointment so the gown can be hemmed to correct length.
  15. Consider buying your accessories at the time you buy your gown. You'll have the gown on when trying on jewellery and holding bags.

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