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Your prom gowns need to fit perfectly so that you look amazing at your prom! Most girls have to have some sort of alteration made to their gown. Hemlines could lift or an extra dart around the bust area are all normal. 

In 2017 we only had three prom girls who didn't need an alteration and this was because they were of model proportions and height. However, not all of us can be 5ft 8in, so hemlines tend to be the most asked for alteration with our seamstresses.  Shoulder lifts come next, and this normally happens if you're petite, or if the gown is strappy. 

Finding the right seamstress can be difficult but at Abbelle we have several which we recommend. 


Booking an appointment with a seamstress

We give the same advice as we do when making your 1:1 prom appointment. Do it early! 

Seamstress’s get booked up months in advance and with prom season being in the summer it also clashes with wedding season. As soon as you buy your gown, go shoe shopping. You cannot go to a seamstress for a hem alteration without your prom shoes. If you have ordered a gown, get a delivery date and book your seamstress appointment for a few weeks later. Don’t wait until your gown arrives to make your appointment. 

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