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Advice on gowns & shopping

Abbelle prides itself on being exclusive stockists of Angel Forever, Envious Couture, Pia Michi, Manon, Jora Collection, Only-Way, Ellie Wilde, Gino Cerrito and Prom Frocks. We only deal with top quality manufacturers with UK warehouses. Our gowns range from £200 - £600 and the quality, designs and hand stitching are amazing.  We don’t do cheap and cheerful. We sell high quality, beautifully designed, designer gowns.

We are not alone in believing that quality is everything. So don’t be fooled into buying a fake prom dress online. Don’t get us wrong, buying a prom dress from a reputable well know UK online company isn’t what we are concerned about it’s the fake companies using co.uk websites, claiming to be a UK company that offend us. They offer you deals that seem too good to be true; if you think it, it is true. Any dress, of any size and any colour for a ridiculously low price…. You do the math! You cannot buy a heavily embellished couture style gown in the UK for £129.  Unless it’s knockoff or fake. In reality, you’re not buying a dress from the UK, if you look a little bit deeper you will find that these companies are not actually based in the UK but China or Taiwan. The contact numbers are international and if they do answer they speak broken English if that. 

measureYou may be wondering why we are bothered about fake dresses, well the truth is we're not! Until a prom girl walks into Abbelle crying because the gown of her dreams has just turned up and it looks nothing like the one she ordered online…. Oh and it’s three weeks before prom, she cannot get a refund and now she needs to find a gown at short notice. It’s honestly heartbreaking and it happens more than you think. 

Please think twice before ordering online. You might end up being lucky! You might not be overly bothered by the colour or cut or fit of the gown but most prom girls are and from our experience, it’s just not worth the heartache.


Becky ordered a beautiful size 14 gown, it arrived two months later (1 month before prom), to her horror the company had made and sent an age 14 gown. No refund was given.  Becky ended up rushing out to Debenhams and had to choose the only gown that fit in the shop. It was nothing like the gown of her dreams. She looks back at her prom dress shopping experience and wishes she had never wasted £99 on what she thought was going to be the perfect gown.